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Youga Yoga believes that every individual can benefit from the practice of yoga. Youga incorporates the practices of Asana (postures/ physical aspect), Pranayama (breathing practices), and meditation based in the tradition of Satyananda Yoga. Based in Melbourne Australia. 



Private Yoga Classes  making time for you. 

Your Yoga is the ultimate class for working with your specific needs and desires. Work with your personal yoga teacher at home, in your office or in a local park. These sessions can be taken with a partner, a friend or a small group of like minded friends. These classes are available for those just starting out or for the long term practitioners. 

With a strong focus on providing you with all the assistance needed to practice yoga, your teacher is on hand to help address your questions both in class and out of class.

Pick your goals and work towards them in the comfort of your personal class. These sessions can be taken as a one off but for best results should be booked in blocks of 5 or 10. 


New comers to yoga will be surprised by the multitude of benefits regular yoga practice can bring for the whole body and mind including:

  • improve muscle tone
  • help lower high blood pressure
  • increasing strength, flexibility and endurance
  • improve digestive function
  • increase mental clarity
  • improved sleep
  • reduction in stress, anxiety and tension
  • increase cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • improved posture and spinal health
  • improved balance

Just to scratch the surface.


Personal Session are 1 hourin duration. 


Introductory session : $60

Single session: $100

Five session Plan: $450 ($ 90 per class)

Ten session Plan: $800 ($ 80 per class)

Discount rates available for Students/Apprentices and Concession Card holders. Contact for concession rates for private yoga sessions.  


Five Session Plan:  $350 

Teenage and Kids Yoga 

Yoga practices are perfect for kids and teenagers. Learning yogic skills and techniques at a young age will help to provide individuals with the foundations for an exciting future. Having started yoga at the age of 13 Andrew can attest to the long term benefits that this introduction to yoga has provided him.  

These personalised classes will help teach young people the physical aspects of yoga and introduce relaxation and breathing techniques which can be utilised through out life.  Practice with your children or give your self a well earned break sit back and have a cup of tea.

These classes can help to:

  • Improve concentration
  • Help in the balanced development of the body
  • Help maintain natural flexibility
  • Help develop and maintain self confidence and resilience.
  • Bring about clarity and relaxation
  • Prepare for exams and balance the demands of school 

These classes are 1 hour in duration


Introduction Class: $50

Five classes: $300 

Help set establish and maintain a yoga practice for your child. 

Corporate, Sporting Teams and Education

Youga Yoga is available for specialised classes adapted to meet the needs of your employees, sports teams or students.  These classes can be taken as a special one off or be taken as a specific course.  Studies have shown that providing yoga can help increase productivity and concentration. Yoga is increasingly incorporated into the training regimes for professional sports people, including many AFL teams and the Australian Cricket team.

These tailored classes can address your particular needs from:

  • Specific exercises to release tension in the back and neck
  • Techniques to help deal with specific stresses
  • Techniques to help bring about focus
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Physical conditioning and training required for specific job or performance

Please contact  for a personalised quote. 



private yoga classes, teenage yoga classes, corporate  yoga classes. Classes for everyone

private yoga classes, teenage yoga classes, corporate  yoga classes. Classes for everyone